About Us

Eva Romani, designer jewelry brand, was created back in 2013. Step by step we confidently marched towards our dream of creating genuine and high-quality jewelry for unique, vivid, and inspiring women. Enriching our experience and knowledge every year, we got enthusiastic over the idea of making Eva Romani jewelry a world-famous brand. Today, we are happy to realize that through these years our brand has won the love of customers from more than 20 countries. We do believe this is still only the beginning.

Eva Romani jewelry products are born in the capital of magical Armenia, Yerevan city, one of the most ancient cities of the world. In many respects, these are exactly fabulous beauty, authenticity, and architecture of our city and country what inspire the style, singularity, and uniqueness of our jewelry. Every Eva Romani jewelry is created in our workshop with love and attention to every detail. Creation of designer jewelry is a long story including steps from creating and approving a sketch to manufacturing processes carried out by hand, namely soldering, forging, crafting ornaments, polishing, selecting the size
and color of stones. We have engaged talented experts to work on every piece, masters who are in love with their work. Therefore, every our offer is a real masterpiece of jewelry art. Through the years of our
work, we have striven and are striving to bring happiness, a sense of uniqueness and singularity to our beautiful customers. In turn, they appreciate the originality and exquisite beauty of the jewelry products we create.

We are working on a continuous replenishment of Eva Romani jewelry collection. Every jewelry of our brand is made exclusively of 925 sterling silver. Ornamental, semi-precious and artificial stones, mother of pearl, and
pearls are used as decorations.