Size & Care


Please be as sure as possible that you are ordering the correct size. We do NOT recommend any
online sizing charts – we recommend that you go to a local jeweler and try on rings to determine your
correct size. Try on rings that are the same or close to the dimensions of the one you are interested in
for an accurate fit.
Often a local jeweler may increase or decrease the size of the ring right there on the spot in your region
for an exact fit – it save you the time and trouble of sending it back to us.  

Care instructions:


We guarantee all our work against normal wear and tear. But be reasonably carefully with it.
Keep in mind that precious metals, like everything else in this world, as a rule, change condition over
time – they are covered with a patina, scratches, oxidized and polluted. Usually enough to wash with
soap and water, but you can refer to a local jeweler for a deep cleaning and polishing.
Our items are marked with stamps 925.