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Eva Romani, designer jewelry brand, was created back in 2013. Step by step we confidently marched towards our dream of creating genuine and high-quality jewelry for unique, vivid, and inspiring women. Enriching our experience and knowledge every year, we got enthusiastic over the idea of making Eva Romani jewelry a world-famous brand. Today, we are happy to realize that through these years our brand has won the love of customers from more than 20 countries. We do believe this is still only the beginning.



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A graceful female neck is eye-catching and it is an ode to femininity and grace in tandem with a unique piece of jewelry.


It is a favorite accessory of women, correctly selected earrings are able to "frame" the face with their graceful lines, add charm and completeness to the image.


The most original rings from Eva Romani will create a bright accent for any look. It is unique and special. It is impossible to take your eyes off them …


Bracelets from Eva Romani are a separate art form. Graceful, feminine bracelets and slave bracelets obey every movement of the hand and flow, playing with fantasy shimmers.